Magento Fix: There are no products matching the selection

17 May

After upgrading your Magento, no products are shown on frontend even though it shows properly indexed from admin..

There are no products matching the selection

Whenever you will logged into the store,products starts showing on frontend… But we want products are to be viewed by all users logged in users and without logged in users…

Here is quick solution for this problem..

Goto the database via phpmyadmin and open this table , “customer_group” .

The thing which affects that top error is mainly due to a bug in this table. You will see that the customer_group_id column for NOT LOGGED IN is set to 4 , while it should be 0 . So, just edit that and make it 0. So, final view looks like this,

Magento Fix:There are no matching products

Check your frontend whether your products are populated or not …

If not then follow below steps..

Make sure, your categories, products and the store all has that THEME set as Custom Design.

1. Goto System > Configuration > Inventory > Manage Stock . Select it as NO.

2. There you will find another option, SHOW OUT OF STOCK PRODUCTS . Keep it as YES.

3. Then goto System > Index Management and select all the items there and click on REINDEX DATA.

4. Goto System > Cache Management and refresh all the cache items there and flush the whole cache storage there.

5. All done.. Now, its time to check frontend again.

So, open it now and you should be able to view all of your products perfectly now.


Hopefully,this will help somebody… :)



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